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Losing your job can be tough, but hopefully from this you will discover the power of creating your own luck. During this time, you want to find an interim position while you look for a “real” job. Accepting a temporary position at a lower hourly wage or at a lower salary in an industry you know little about may provide enough income to get you by. To make the position enjoyable immerse yourself and learn everything you can so you can contribute all that you can. Pour over manuals in your down time, developed processes to expedite the work, train new employees, volunteer for additional assignments, and do anything that needs to be done. You will be surprised what you learn and what doors may potentially open for you.

Do not listen to your friends or family cautioning you not to take a position at a lower wage. Many will say its career suicide. The opposite is quite true, many hiring managers will respect your decision to find work where you can. Plus, you will expand your skill set.

It has been my experience over the years, while climbing the professional ladder, that opportunity is everywhere and anywhere. Often, it’s in unexpected places for those who differentiate themselves in the workplace. People who do what is expected of them, do it very well, “and then some” have opportunities arise that others never do. And people who set their ego aside, contributing everything they can to the task at hand, often create their own luck. That’s because initiative is a powerful commodity in the workplace.

People offering to do extra work only if they get paid for it or take on extra responsibility only if their salary is increased first, have it all backwards. My advice: do the work, do it well, and then do it even better. Higher pay, greater responsibilities and increased opportunities follow individuals who are contributors.

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