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Being a performer at work is easy when you know what to do and what is expected of you as an employee. Here are some action items and mindsets you should adopt to be considered a top performer in your workplace.

  1. Do more than expected. By doing more, you will learn more. By doing more, you create additional value for yourself.
  1. When you finish your task, do not just sit there, and wait for your boss to assign you the second task. Go and ask for more, be proactive. Your boss will be impressed.
  1. Act and think as if you are the owner of the organization. As the owner, I am sure you would be 100% committed to your work.
  1. Learn to like your job. Like what you are doing. If you are unable to do so, then it might be time for you to change jobs.
  1. Share your knowledge with others. Many people are not willing to share what they know with others because they feel their knowledge is power and this knowledge makes them more valuable to the organization. However, if you do not share what you know, then you won’t be given more responsibility. When you share your knowledge and mentor others then people will come to you as an expert. One of the most important criteria to being promoted to bigger roles is the ability to lead and coach others.
  1. Do not constantly challenge your boss. I am not telling you to be a ‘yes’ man, but you need to be professional and do as your boss asks even if you don’t agree with them.
  1. Teamwork is important. You must know how to work wells with other as a team.
  1. Strive to be the expert in your industry. Read and learn more about the industry.

If you have the correct mindset, no matter where you work, you will always get recognized and you will always be a top performer.

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