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During this time of uncertainty, many of us are afraid of losing our jobs. If this does happen, what should we do? Know that It is OK to be upset. Be upset, get it out of your system and then create an action plan. How quickly you find your next position will depend heavily on your level of motivation. There are two possible options for people who have recently found themselves unemployed: either to continue searching for the same type of job they previously had or look for possible opportunities in a different career field.

If you are staying in your current field, then identify your competitors and start applying to the open positions you are qualified for. Do not follow the standard procedure and only submit your resume. You must leverage your network and contact the hiring authority directly. Offer your services and let them know you can start immediately.

If your entire industry is going through a contraction, then you may need to look at complimentary industries were your experience can easily be transferred.

Here is the great news if you are able to stay in your current industry: According to the statistics, those who change their places of employment have more chances to be promoted than those who work only for one or two different companies. If all of your experience is with larger companies then you may consider working at a smaller organization. Another statistic shows that employees with smaller, but fast-growing companies get to the top of a career ladder faster than those who get lost among thousands of employees in a big company.

Have you have decided to take advantage of this time and switch careers? If so, there are several things you must consider. Assuming you know what this new career will be, is there specialized training involved? Can you obtain this training online? Do you have the skill set needed? Will you need to take a step backwards before being able to move forwards? Do you have any connections in this new industry? Have fully researched this new career? This step will be vital if given the opportunity to interview.

Taking on a new career can be done but it will require more patience and a strategy. I advise our candidates to get involved immediately in online forums and groups. Start networking and adding value. If you have never done this type of work before these are great places to reference to show your passion and involvement. Does it make since to write an eBook? Should you start a blog? We have more in-depth articles regarding how to change your career on our blog at

If none of the mentioned above options work for you, start looking for a part time job. You can get a part-time job as a freelancer or get employed by a company as a contractor. At least a part-time job gives you an opportunity to cover some, if not all of your bills.

During these unprecedented times, job offers maybe difficult to come by until the economy starts picking up again. You will have to proactively find work and you will have to leverage every resource you have available. I wish you the very best and good luck with your new search.

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