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Want to Get Hired? Try avoiding these 6 job hunting mistakes:


Do you stick only to the top job aggregators, like Indeed, CareerBuilder or Monster? If yes, you are denying your chances of getting into specialized positions. Specialized groups and non-enterprise companies often steer clear of these top names. Try specialized jobs boards in your niche. You might be surprised by what you find.


If you are getting a peer or a friend or a family member to do your job hunt to the level of making contact with a prospective employer – stop doing this now. The only people qualified to do this are experienced headhunters. There is nothing wrong with someone helping you gather information but when it comes to contact, you need to the one who creates an impression.


Do you treat your resume like a promotional mailer? Distribute it all over the place or get a group email ID and broadcast? This means (1) Your cover letter or your resume is not customized for the job. (2) You do not follow up; there are employers who seek to measure your interest with the follow up method that you adopt. Plus, your prospective employer or their recruiters know that you are hunting around, which will reduce your market value.

Another aspect of mindless blasting is clicking the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button wherever you see it. When you submit your resume to a job where you do not have minimum qualifications – and you have a reason to doing so – make an offline connect.

It is also important to know, 75% of email traffic received by a generic ID such as careers@bestemployer.com is junk. If you rely only on email to get your next job – forget it. Your resume is probably in the junk folder.


Do not write a telltale resume with all your private information. We hear about security breaches all the time now. Also, do not use your computer at work to search for new jobs.


You do not want to rely entirely on the internet for your job search. Depending on your skills and your professional network, do not be afraid to call your connections and see what they know.


Let people know that you would like to work at their company. Treating your job search the same as a winning poker hand will get you know where. Pay attention to your email handle, make sure it is professional. Also clean up your social media pages and make sure they are appropriate for the eyes of a headhunter, hiring manager or Human Resource Manager.

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