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Try these four phone interview tips for better results.

1.) Smile

A smile is a magic thing, and in addition to being seen in person it can be felt from a distance. When doing a phone interview, don’t think that because the person on the other end of the phone can’t see you that smiling and other positive body gestures are not important. The best interview tip that anyone was ever given was to smile and make positive gestures. In fact, many people talk with their hands. If you do, consider a head set to free your hands up.

2.) Good Signal or Landline

Another tip that will be worth its weight in gold is to make sure you have a good signal. It may seem silly to even mention it, but the better the signal, the better your voice will sound. If you can use a landline with a cord, and not a cell phone or cordless phone. Dead batteries, crackling sounds, poor cell sites, and weather interference can make you sound bad at the other end, and you may not even know it. When doing your phone interview you want to be clear and make a good impression.

3.) Do Your Homework

Do your homework on the company before your phone interview. Do a search on the Internet using Yahoo, Google, MSN, Dogpile or any of the major search engines. Look them up in an online database like Dun and Bradstreet or InfoUSA. If you don’t have easy access to these online tools, go to your local library and tell the reference librarian what you are doing. He or she will be glad to provide you with information sources that will help you seem knowledgeable when having your phone interview.

4.) Be Yourself

The last tip to keep in mind is to be yourself and be comfortable. One of the best ways to be yourself and maintain comfort during your phone interview is to practice the interview. Ask a friend to play the part of the boss. Call your friend on the phone and go through a mock interview, answering all of the questions you think the interviewer is likely to ask. Mock trials help lawyers, and rehearsals help musicians. It only makes sense that a practice interview will help an interviewer.

Best of luck and have fun!

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